An Automatic Coffee And Tea Maker With Alarm Clock Function

An Automatic Coffee And Tea Maker With Alarm Clock FunctionCoffee And Tea Maker With Alarm Clock Function

Tea is made, served in bed, with milk using this automatic coffee and tea maker. Make the day more comfortable with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Designed to sit comfortably near your bed, enjoy a fresh cup of English breakfast with fresh milk or a soft green tea from the comfort of your cards.

Establishing night and morning routines

Parisian promotes a nighttime routine that helps you wind up and get ready for sleep. You are more likely to fall asleep faster, get a better night’s rest, and then wake up easily and be alert.

Compared to the beeping of a telephone alarm or the flashing of a “sun” alarm clock, they do not have two main features for us:

Fragrance & Taste of the coffee and tea maker

Stimulation by multiple senses helps to focus and wake up more slowly. A delicious fragrant infusion is a great way to do this. No one is looking forward to that cool kitchen site where you and your first kappa will be greeted in the morning.

Functional plate

You only need to wash the cup and brew chamber for the next use. However, nowadays if you decide to clean all the equipment; The wooden plate will be thrown away effortlessly to help with transportation.

Brew Chamber Technology

Brew Chamber features with Parisier 2.0 or our manual kitchen maker to help you make a perfect tea or coffee every morning.

The unique design of the tea gate

Due to its cylindrical and conical shape, the glass provides the perfect seal when positioned in the glass room. Raise the strainer above to release the tincture directly into your cup.

Coffee And Tea Maker With Alarm Clock Function

Manual Brewer

Take your brew room from the parlour and use our specially designed brew stand in the kitchen. (Available in Walnut & Blonde Wood)

  • Immerse coffee with manual brewer
  • Gold Brew with the Manual Brewer
  • Combined with the St Brew stand, the Brew Chamber makes cold brewing quick and easy.
  • Place the coffee on the floor in 1 1 or 2 dimensions.
  • Cold above cold, filtered water.
  • -16 Place in the refrigerator for 10-16 hours
  • Take-Out Service!
  • Cold 2 cups is enough for a cold tincture.

Double-wall glass vase

Keep your tincture warm while pressing the sleep button. Insulated mugs last 15 minutes longer than regular mugs.

Wireless charger

Designed to add wireless charging to your Parisian by plugging it directly into the USB port on the back. It works automatically.

INVISI-GRIP – It can protect your phone while charging, so it is less likely to accidentally slip. The INVISI grip gives you all the benefits of a rubber top plate regardless of design and aesthetics.

How about cold milk?

Parisian uses a solid-state cooling unit called a Peltier cooler. Unlike traditional refrigerators, it has no moving parts and does not use hazardous materials.

By the magic of thermoelectric impact – one side of the refrigerator is cold, and the other side is hot milk in the fridge at 2 C to 3 ° C every day, every day.

Infrared technology activates the fridge automatically

Whether there is milk with your tea or it has run out. The Parisian Milk Fridge features an infrared sensor that automatically activates the refrigerator if it detects milk inside the fridge – saving energy when not needed.

How: Make your first tincture

  • Parisian uses a simple alternative toggle to set the time, alarm and brew delay.
  • Press the big button on the page in 4 seconds to set the set time
  • Press the big button on the page in 2 seconds to set the alarm
  • Rotate the Dew Brew delay to -5,0, +5, +10, +15 – allowing your brew to start brewing before, on or after the alarm.
  • Turn the alarm to sleep (not tincture)
  • Toggle to reset the alarm to the next day
  • Click Create to brew on-demand or turn off the tincture manually.

Watch the video for the full tutorial and learn about coffee and tea maker.

Specifications of the coffee and tea maker

1. Basic

Mini-Fridge: Uses a Peltier air conditioner, operates 24/7 H, keeps contents at 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, and works automatically with infrared sensors to detect the presence of milk.

Display: Can be dimmed and turned off automatically. 12H / 24H and shows the time in the tincture stage

USB port: You can use the 5V USB port to charge the phone and other devices

Induction Heater: Filtered by Toshiba Manufacturers

Alarm sound: can be turned on / off with the brew over time

Voltage: Available at 220V-240V and 110V-130V. These two models work for each country.

Lipo Battery: Holds the time and alarm settings in the event of a power outage or power outage.

Suction cup feet: Parisian legs have suction cup designs to prevent movement.

Storage Draw: Contains a built-in steel lid and measuring spoon

2. Top

Wooden Plate: Available in Walnut or Yellow Varieties, both FSC-Certified and Solid Saplings

Rotatable arm: The cup can be rotated again for easy access. Made from stainless steel arm and precision bearing.

Glassware: Customized for Parisian with durable thick glass

Boiler Punk: Contains steam vent to ensure optimum temperature of conveyed water

Showerhead: Uses a 12-hole design to ensure an equal concentration of tea or coffee

Parisian glass

Handmade glass made by Master Glass Flowers

Our glass is made by hand by the masters using the available pure borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is known for its superior durability, heat resistance, brightness and clarity. All of our glass products go through many stages of production and testing. The result is our unique glassware designed to help you make and enjoy tea. We hope you enjoy the extension as we use each section.

Solid wood construction

Our wood panels are machined from solid wood and go through an intense hand-finishing process. They are then treated with a stain and water repellent matte varnish, so there is no need to worry about stains.

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