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WhatsApp new update -Users may download account info from the desktop

WhatsApp new update

Have you lost access to your WhatsApp account because of a lost or broken phone? If so, you may now be able to download the information you need from your desktop. Read this article to know more about WhatsApp new update.

If you’re a WhatsApp user, you may soon be able to download your account information from your desktop.

The company is testing a new feature that allows users to download their account info, including contacts, messages and more. The company says that it is testing this feature with a small group of users, but it plans to roll out the feature more widely in the future.

This would allow users who have lost or broken their phones to access the information they need on other devices.

WhatsApp new update
WhatsApp new update – TechsChief

What is in the WhatsApp new update?

WhatsApp has been working on this feature for several months now and it seems like it’s ready for primetime. It has already been rolled out in some countries around the world and could be coming soon to your region as well!

The feature would allow users to download their account information on WhatsApp, including contacts, messages and more. This would allow people who have lost or broken their phones to access the information they need.  According to WhatsApp new update, the company is releasing an account export feature that will allow users to download their account information including contacts, messages and more. This would allow people who have lost or broken their phones to access the information they need.

WhatsApp’s “Download your data” feature would allow users to save their data, including messages and contacts. This would streamline the process for people who have lost or broken their phones as they’ll be able to access the information they need.

The new feature will allow users to save their data in a format that can be easily transferred to another device or platform. This could come in handy if you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, for example.

WhatsApp new feature- how it will be operated?

The feature works similarly to how Twitter handles its data storage: You can sign in on any device and get all of your messages, contacts, etcetera without having to log into each device individually. The only downside is that if you sign out of one device, then none of your accounts will be available on any other devices until you log back in again – so keep that in mind if you plan on using this new feature! The backup function will be available in the coming weeks for both Android and iOS users.

The tool will allow users to export all their data from WhatsApp’s servers into a folder on their computer. The company says it’s aimed at helping people move their data around between devices, or if they lose access to WhatsApp altogether.

The ability to back up and restore your account information would also be useful if something happens with your phone—like dropping it in the toilet or having it stolen—and you need access to your data right away without having to wait for a replacement phone!

How the feature will work?

WhatsApp, according to WABetaInfo, is a site that tracks changes in WhatsApp beta updates. The feature would let you save an encrypted backup of your chat history and contact list on your computer.

WABetaInfo claims that this feature will be available for everyone once it gets approved by the company’s servers, which means that it could take some time until we actually get to see it in action.

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This could come in handy if you ever lose or break your phone and need to recover your account. It also means that if someone steals your phone, they will not be able to access your chats and contacts without the password.

The feature is still in development and there is no word yet on when it will be released for all users.If you’re interested in trying out this new feature, keep an eye out for whatsapp update coming soon!

The Backup system will make it possible for people to download their account information from WhatsApp, including contact lists, messages, and other important details. Many users who have lost or damaged their phones in the past are excited at the prospect of being able to access this information.

It’s not clear how much information will be available through this feature, but it could include your name, phone number, last seen time and profile picture along with any other details you’ve shared on your profile page. This would help make it easier for users who want to create a backup of their WhatsApp account and transfer it to another phone or computer.

Wrapping up

The feature appears to be just for testing purposes at present so there’s no word on when it might roll out officially or whether we’ll see it elsewhere as well (such as in Android).

According to the news sources, WhatsApp new feature is hidden in the latest beta version for Android – 2.19.78 – and it allows users to get their data such as photos, videos, voice messages, contacts, etc., by visiting the site.

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