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Dark Mode On Google App – The Long-Awaited Feature Is Going To Be Announced

Dark Mode On Google App - The Long-Awaited Feature Is Going To Be AnnouncedDark Mode On Google App

The new dark mode entry in Google app will change the look of the search engine

Google is rolling out Dark Mode updates for both Android and iOS platforms. The company has rolled out the update for this feature and by the end of this week, it will reach all the users.

Google keeps updating its native apps continuously, so that users’ interest in the apps remains, as well as Google keeps bringing updates about the safety of the apps. Now after a long wait in the Google app, Dark Mode entry is going to happen.

According to the report, Google is rolling out dark mode updates for both Android and iOS platforms. With this update, users will get a built-in dark mode. However, only Android 10 and iOS 12/13 users will be able to support the new feature.

Dark Mode on Google

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Dark Mode On Google-How will it work

The Google app on Android and iOS can set the dark mode itself according to system settings. That is, the Google app will set the dark mode in the default way on your phone. Apart from this, the user will also get the option of the dark mode in the app settings, which can also be set manually.

When will the update reach you?

The company has rolled out the update for this feature and by the end of this week, it will reach all the users. After this, you will be able to use the new dark mode by updating the Google app from the App Store.

Big update for Chrome browser too

Google has released a major update for its Chrome browser. This update will be available in Chrome version 83, in which many new features have been given. It includes features such as safe browsing mode to barcode detection. However, the most important of these is the support of the Group tab.

If you also want to update Google Chrome, open the browser, and go to the menu, then go to Help, click on the About Google Chrome option here. So let’s know what will change in Google Chrome with the new update.

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