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How To Use Google Maps Without Internet Like A Pro

This Is The Easiest Way To Enable GPS Offline

Use Google Maps Without Internet Like A Pro

With the help of Google Maps Offline Maps option, you can use the GPS offline without the internet connection or cellular network.

These days, a large number of users use Google Maps. Therefore, with the help of GPS service found in the smartphone, you can not only share your location with others but also view the marked location without any problem. If you are in a new place, Google Maps can be one of the most effective tools of navigation.

Not required, Google Maps or Navigation Service can help you every time. Especially if your smartphone can’t access the internet, or the cellular network is not coming.

What is special is that you can use offline GPS, even in such a situation. However, for this, you need to follow a few steps beforehand. To enable offline GPS and access the maps on your Android device or iPhone, you need to save the location in advance.

Use Google Maps Without Internet Like A Pro

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Enable GPS like this offline

After going on a trip somewhere and all the arrangements are done, we know that there is no internet access. In that case, Google Maps may be helpful. With the help of Google Maps Offline Maps option, GPS can be used offline without internet or cellular network.

With the help of this offline feature, you can download the location map already and save it on your smartphone. Therefore, you have to follow some steps.

Follow these steps to use Google Maps Offline

  • Open the Google Maps application on your mobile phone.
  • Next, you should tap on your profile photo shown in the top left and select ‘Offline Maps’.
  • Then tap ‘Choose your own map’ and choose where you want to go.
  • After this step, the map will be downloaded, and you can access it offline.

Losing your connection of internet or poor network signals while travelling can be frustrating. Especially when you trust your phone to tell you where to go. Even if you get stuck underground in a subway car or lose your signal while driving in the remote countryside, we will all be there at least once.

It is obviously a good idea to plan for these types of situations by downloading maps for offline use on Google Maps. Once you download a section, you can get the right directions to that region. Also, you can find places of interest, even without the internet connection.

Still, there are plenty of limitations to keep in mind. Can’t get walking, traffic or cycling directions while offline; Driving directions only. If you are not driving, it may be helpful to use Google Maps offline to see nearby locations when you are stuck without a signal.

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