iPhone With An Amazing Display, The Screen Will Repair Itself If Broken

iPhone with an amazing display, the screen will repair itself if brokeniPhone with an amazing display

Apple has filed a patent for a special foldable iPhone. The screen of this iPhone will repair small scratches and erase them automatically. The company can give Samsung a display on this phone.

Smartphone companies are coming up with new and advanced technology handsets to overtake each other. In this episode, Apple is now preparing to bring a special iPhone that will repair small scratches and cracks on its screen. According to Apple Insider, Apple recently filed a patent for a foldable iPhone with this special automatic display repair technology.

iPhone With An Amazing Display, The Screen Will Repair Itself If Broken

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Despite the two, the single-display handset is found

With the help of this technology, the report says that the display of this foldable Phone from Apple will repair scratches and teeth with normal wear and tear. According to previous reports, the company has designed this foldable phone. Although there are two displays, it will be a screen phone when opened.

Samsung’s display will be used

When it comes to Apple ‘Self Healing’ foldable iPhone, the company will not be introducing it with first-generation foldable phones. It is said that the company has already placed a large order for the Samsung Display, and its models will continue to be available to the company for at least a year.

This phone will launch next year

Samsung has been supplying OLED displays to Apple for the past several years. At the same time, as Samsung is the leader in the foldable display market, it is now going to increase the production of these displays to 10 million units every year. Also, if we talk about Apple’s foldable iPhone, It may launch next year.

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