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Big News For Google Meet Users, None Of The Free Programs Have Been Discontinued

Google MeetGood news for Google Meet users

The big news is that Google Meet users will be able to enjoy more than an hour of video conferencing or meeting at Google Meet. They will be able to use it even after September 30th. Google has previously said it will limit these features after September 30. Now you can avail this facility till March 31, 2021.

In the corona crisis, facilities like Google Meet and Zoom may be dependent all over the world. Also, these technology companies have been the medium of office work for children’s education.

At this link, the big news is that for those who use Google Meet free programs for Google Meet users, Google will not limit their service to one hour only.

Also, Gmail users will be able to use the application without any interruption or problem. It can be used for more than 60 minutes, i.e. 24 hours.

In fact, in the past, search engine company Google has announced that after September 30, Google Meet will restrict the convenience of video conferencing to free users. The free video call facility will last only an hour. That means users can take advantage of Google Recovery’s free service in an hour.

Good news for Google Meet users

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Google’s generosity or business strategy

In a blog post on Wednesday, September 30th, we decided to restrict the existing users to next year due to the upcoming festive season and corona, which means video conferencing will be provided free of charge until March 31, 2021. Any user can use the Google meet service without any interruption through Gmail account.

Meanwhile, the question that comes to mind is whether this technology company is Google’s generosity or some business strategy, under which it allows people to use Goole Meet for free?

Some features will be limited to G-Suite users

However, Google has also announced some restrictions on Google Meet users. Now it is offering free video conferencing with 250 participants under G-Suite and G-Suite for education clients. Also, only one million people through a single domain. Live streaming facilities.

Such users can no longer use some advanced Google Meet features. Previously, they used to easily store meeting recording data on Google Drive, but now they can’t get this feature for free.

However, other people can avail this facility as there are fewer participants in the Google meeting. But in the future, the school and college administration will have to pay a certain amount to Google for this service.

Google has recently introduced a number of features. These features including noise cancellation functionality, for users of Z Suite and Z Suite Enterprises.

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