Vivo X50 – The Phone’s Camera Will Move Like An Eye Pupil

Vivo X50 - The Phone's Camera Will Move Like An Eye PupilThe Phone's Camera Will Move Like An Eye Pupil

The new camera system from Vivo was introduced in February through the concept phone, and the company is going to bring the new device Vivo X50 with it.

The camera of this device will travel all the way like the pupils of the eye and stable images, and video users will be able to get help with it. The company can use Samsung’s new camera sensor.

A significant change is being made by the tech company Vivo in the camera department of the new smartphone, and this future can be changed completely. The company has shared the teaser video of the new device, and its primary camera is fantastic.

The camera of the phone will be able to move around like the pupils of the eye, with the help of which it will get a stable image and video output from it. In existing smartphones, OIS and EIS techs are available for stabilisation, but new tech will take it one level further.

Vivo X50

In the new device Vivo X50, the company will not only provide a dedicated periscope sensor. However, it will have two useable lenses and a main large camera module, with a Gimbal-like lens. Gimbal is the tool on which videos are shot by fixing a professional camera, and the camera is entirely stable.

Apex 2020 concept phone with Gimbal-like camera was showcased by Vivo in February this year. In addition to the in-display selfie camera, 60W fast wireless charging support was also provided in this concept.

Will get a new camera sensor.

The company says that with the help of the new camera system, users will get 200 percent more stabilisation than standard stabilisation technology. The report says that the recently announced Samsung’s ISOCELL GN1 50MP sensor will be given in this smartphone. Also, it will get Tetracell technology.

With this help, better low-light photography can be done, and the pixel size doubles to 2.4μm. Also, the teasers of the new device have been posted on Weibo by Chinese social site Weibo.

Many surprises on 1 June

Vivo says that the company is going to bring the surprise on June 1 and many new announcements can also be made. The post reads, ‘Vivo X50 Series built-in-super-sensitive micro cloud platform. To know how stable it is, first watch the video.

Several new surprises are due to come on June 1. Also, the Vivo audio-video headsets will be part of it. However, the technical specifications of the new smartphone have not been revealed yet. But such camera tech has been seen in a phone for the first time.

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