Galaxy A01E- The Battery Of The Smartphone Can Be Removed

Galaxy A01E will have a removable batteryGalaxy A01E

Users can remove and replace the battery found in Samsung’s older smartphones, but this design was completely replaced by the company a few years ago. No new smartphone has been introduced with a removable battery now. But Samsung plans to return with this new smartphone. According to leaks, the new budget Samsung phone Galaxy A01E will have a removable battery.

Samsung, one of the largest smartphone companies, has made a big change in the smartphone business with its Galaxy S6 series. The company completely changed the design and device manufacturing associated with its flagship line.

The polycarbonate material has undergone many changes besides replacing the high-quality glass and metal alloys. Therefore, it also had an impact on the price of the device.

Also, it has now been revealed that Samsung will be able to return and have a removable battery available for many new devices.

Galaxy A01E

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In the Galaxy S7 and later smartphone designs, Samsung stopped offering removable batteries and microSD card slots. Phones with removable batteries are preferred because they can be easily replaced when their batteries are old and have long battery life.

In addition, many users had additional battery units that could be used when needed in an emergency. At the same time, many third-party companies have developed high-capacity batteries for phones that can be used to provide additional backup.

No primary change

Today, batteries with capacities ranging from 4000mAh to 5000mAh are available on the devices. Also, the new smartphones have fast charging support. In such a situation, phones can not only provide a full day of backup but also charge faster.

Despite this, one company wants to return to the removable battery design, which is Samsung. However, the company does not offer a removable battery on any primary device.

The leaked report is claiming that Samsung can come up with a low cost and some midrange devices. With a removable battery design, Samsung is almost set to shine in the market again.

New design on this phone

Model number SM-A013F, Samsung has released a new device that can provide removable batteries. It is believed that the smartphone will be named as Galaxy A01E and will be launched in the budget segment.

Samsung is one of the few companies that has finally stopped making smartphones with removable batteries. Despite the redesign of the primary devices, the company’s mid-range and budget devices were available up to two years ago with removable batteries. If leaks are believed, this trend may reverse.

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